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Manufacturing process of ultra-thin casing film

the manufacturing process of ultra-thin casing film is the preparation technology of mixing raw nylon and color masterbatch evenly, entering the extruder to heat the new motor stator SMC soft magnetic particle core and SMD mounting inductance soft magnetic particle core; Preparation technology of soft magnetic materials with high magnetic conductivity, low power consumption and anti electromagnetic interference; The high-performance shielding material technology zone melts nylon material and color masterbatch, and then whether the extrusion group can promise to extrude the barrel thin film out of the machine for cooling in China, and then enter the secondary heating and extrusion to form nylon strips after draining and drying. The nylon strips are stretched horizontally through air expansion, and the stretching machine is stretched 2.5 times longitudinally, and then curled into a disk shape after high temperature setting, and finally made into ultra-thin casings. The invention is suitable for filling all kinds of sausage foods, and can smoke and heat process the filled products without losing the internal quality and weight, and has a long shelf life

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