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Many advantages of silk printing at present, many printing enterprises often ignore silk printing methods and focus on digital printing technology

in the process of copying the original, each printing method has certain requirements for the thickness of the ink layer. However, unlike other printing methods, silk printing is more flexible in controlling the ink layer thickness. Generally, the ink layer thickness ranges from 1 to 300 μ m. The printing format ranges from several microns to several square meters. In addition, the substrate of silk printing is also very extensive without making people feel depressed. The only thing to note is that when printing, the ink particles must be able to pass through the wire holes

although silk printing has many advantages, the impact of digital printing on silk printing still induces some enterprises to easily give up silk printing technology and turn to inkjet printing as the only way for enterprises to grow in the future. However, it is easy to put enterprises in a passive position

with the progress of digital technology, the requirements for technical operation level of digital printing have been gradually reduced, and the market has begun to open to a large number of increasingly growing manufacturers, and such a huge profit space has been divided up in the previous 3 or 4 years. The main reason for this is that the cost of merely staying at the technical level is very huge, which requires the outline of sales, thus reducing productivity

technology combination

after the combination of silk printing and digital printing, its greatest potential success lies in that it can use digital technology for proofing, and then output films, make silk plates, and print silk. Traditional silk printing proofing costs a lot. Later, by using the DuPont system, the toner was mixed into a similar Pantone color system, and then put it into the solution. Finally, it can be printed on the substrate. These techniques make it impossible to obtain an accurate description of how silk printing works

however, the continuous improvement of digital proofing technology has brought opportunities for more realistic analog silk printing imaging. By copying the density and hue of the three primary color inks provided by the supplier, the rip output system actually explains this method from a specific point of view. This system can also provide standard curves for personalized silk printing/combined substrate, thus bringing proofing samples closer to silk printing imaging. Under the premise of the control of technicians due to the experimental data made in the future if there is a gap between the screw rod, it can also add the unique things of personalized silk printing to the system to further develop it

Only by making effective use of digital technology can silk printing enterprises not only reduce costs but also increase profits. Only in this way can they meet the challenges brought by digital printing and occupy a place in the fierce market competition. At the same time, printing enterprises can also expand their market share in the field of image reproduction and provide customers with satisfactory and comprehensive solutions for sheet metal corrosion, not just silk printing or digital printing. This is also the perfect solution we are constantly looking for

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