Manufacturing method of the hottest positioning la

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The non-standard method for manufacturing positioning laser spraying materials refers to the detection/calibration method without the approval of the corresponding standardization organization. The invention relates to the manufacturing method for positioning laser spraying materials with a year-on-year decrease of 33.4%, which includes positioning laser spraying film, positioning laser spraying composite paper and positioning laser spraying transfer paper, The manufacturing methods of the three products include the steps of molding holograms and texts on the film, coating with positioning graphics and texts, and vacuum spraying aluminum or other materials. The key point of the invention is to divide the positioning and molding into two independent processes, and use the coating process to make the positioning laser spraying materials have positioning graphics and texts, so it is easy to realize the accurate positioning of the positioning laser spraying materials, which is more suitable for the registration of post printing; It can locally mold holograms to produce local laser effect and enhance anti-counterfeiting performance; The laser pattern is independent of the picture and text of the fixed position, which makes the laser pattern transformation faster and more convenient

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