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On January 31, PS production and sales dynamics of some enterprises

1. Zhanjiang new therefore, the two lines of Sino US PS devices produce benzene 525, with a daily output of about 100 tons, and the operating rate is basically maintained at 50%. The delivery price of benzene 525 is stable at 12450 yuan/ton, and the actual settlement is slightly lower. According to different customers and batch preferences, the recent inventory is medium to low

2. The two lines of Jiangsu Leiden PS plant produce permeating benzene, change it to benzene and stop it. There is no start-up plan for the time being, and the operating rate is about 90%. At present, the price of benzene 525 is 12300 yuan/ton, and the price of benzene 688 is 13000 yuan/ton. The sales are normal, the inventory is low, and the transaction is preferential. The PS device with an additional capacity of 100000 tons has been prepared for construction in mid November. At present, the market price of imported ore is weak; The market price of domestic mines operates stably; The billet market price is stable and weakening; The coke market is weakening; The decline in the shipping market has narrowed and is expected to run by the end of next year

3. Because aiskai (Shantou) PS received many orders in the early stage, its PS basically stopped receiving orders. At present, the delivery is mainly based on early orders. Today, the quotation of benzene skg118 is 12400 yuan/ton, and the quotation of benzene skh127 is 13300 yuan/ton. The manufacturer's inventory is low, the sales are normal, and the transaction is preferential. The device operates smoothly. Two lines produce permeable benzene and one line produces modified benzene. The starting base must also keep the weight at the lowest level to reach full load

4. The operating rate of Yangzi BASF PS plant is 80%. One line produces permeable benzene and one line produces modified benzene. Today, the quotation of permeable benzene 143e and 158k is stable at 13300 yuan/ton, the quotation of modified benzene 466f and 476l is increased by 200 yuan/ton to 14000 yuan/ton, and the quotation of 2710 is increased by 200 yuan/ton to 14200 yuan/ton. The actual price is slightly lower. The above quotation is the delivery price of the factory, and the manufacturer's inventory is low

5. The start-up of Zhenjiang Qimei PS plant is stable. One line produces permethene and two lines produce modified benzene, with an operating rate of 50%. Today, the quoted price of permethene pg33 is 12900 yuan/ton, and the quoted price of modified benzene ph88 is 13300 yuan/ton. The manufacturer's inventory level is low, and the sales are general

6. The PS unit of Yanshan Petrochemical normally produces 666d, and its ex factory price is stable at 11700 yuan/ton. It will be closed for settlement today, and a list will be issued on February 1 tomorrow

7. One line of Shanghai Secco PS plant produces benzene instead of permeating benzene. The operating rate is insufficient. Today's ex factory quotation is stable. Permeating benzene 123 is 12100 yuan/ton, 232/251 is 12200 yuan/ton, changing benzene 514 is 12900 yuan/ton, 622 is 13000 yuan/ton. The actual price is low, the manufacturer's inventory is not high, and the sales are general

8. The first line of Panjin Ethylene PS plant normally produces 825, and its ex factory quotation is 12550 yuan/ton, the contract price in North China is 150 yuan/ton lower, and the contract price in East and South China is 200 yuan/ton lower. Yesterday's sales were average, and the inventory was at a low level. Today, the goods were released normally. 525 of them were sold out and stopped selling

9. The 200000 ton PS device of Ningbo Taihua Chemical Co., Ltd. operates normally, and the daily output is about 150 tons. The 5250 genuine materials are reported at 12400 yuan/ton, and the attached materials are reported at 12200 yuan/ton. I hope it can help you. Right, the manufacturer's inventory is low. According to the manufacturer, due to the heavy snow, the current source of goods can't be transported to the north. In terms of devices: one line produces benzene instead of benzene. At present, there is no product output. According to the manufacturer, another line is expected to be put into operation after the Spring Festival

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