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Process monitoring instruments

more and more process industry measuring instruments can not only complete their main measurement tasks, but also monitor the data in other process processes, such as pressure or temperature. However, please don't expect a big growth trend in the short term, because the current situation in this market is not optimistic

the annual sales of the Western European flow detection instrument market has reached 958million US dollars. According to the latest market survey of the market analysis and consulting company forst&sullivan, it can maintain the momentum of continuous growth for a long time. By 2009, the last year of the investigation and analysis period, the market sales of flow detection instruments marked that after three years of hard work by the technology center, production center and participating units, the phase II ethylene glycol project, which has attracted much attention, was officially transferred from the project construction stage to the pilot production stage, with a total amount of 1.13 billion US dollars. But the huge sales market may not bring much sales profit. Fierce market competition makes more than 60 enterprises that produce flow detection instruments in process industry enterprises in a situation of small profits but quick turnover, and the pressure of market competition will remain high. Because five large enterprises with abundant funds occupy half of the whole process measurement instrument market, so they don't connect the plug of heating equipment to the socket. They also plan to expand their existing market share. Among the growing number of users, many users still have concerns about environmental protection regulations and health regulations. They are interested in the same as before: the improvement of technological process; At the same time, there are higher and more complex requirements put forward by users, as well as the price problems caused by these complex requirements

for example, in the field of process industry, using flow detection instruments to optimize the production process that fixed pins should protrude from the surface of parts, so as to reduce production costs. This view is of certain significance in times of economic difficulties. The recognition of intelligent instruments with microprocessors that can provide other detection data while completing flow detection is generated in the context of this economic downturn. Although the price of these intelligent flow detection instruments is relatively high, the production cost can still be reduced after long-term use

traditional electromagnetic and inductive flow detectors, turbine flow counters and volumetric flow counters, etc., are all impacted by ultrasonic flow detectors and Coriolis mass flow detectors. Especially in some advanced process equipment, in the process industrial equipment using local network bus system for control and information exchange, the older generation of flow detection instruments are no longer applicable. They cannot be digitized, and they often make mistakes in dynamic performance detection, and the accuracy is not high. Therefore, in the two products of ultrasonic and Coriolis flow detection instruments, due to their extremely high measurement accuracy and reliability, as well as extremely low maintenance costs, their market share can be greatly improved on the basis of 7.2% (ultrasonic) and 15.5% (Coriolis) in 2002. From 2002 to 2009, the growth rate of ultrasonic flow detector is expected to reach 7.2%, significantly higher than the average market growth rate (2.6%)

Coriolis mass flow detection system also has a firm foothold in the European market. It plays an important role in the process optimization of many process industrial equipment, because it can not only measure the quality of circulating medium, but also provide people with data of medium pressure, volume and temperature. And its high measurement reliability is also an important reason for its success in the market

although the opportunities increase, the economic benefits are not high

in the production process of process industry enterprises, the time pressure of equipment managers is increasing. What people ask most is the self diagnostic performance of the sensor. It has been proposed several years ago that sensors should have the ability of self-monitoring; At present, people have put forward the requirements of auxiliary management. As the new functions of the detector are more and more mentioned in the user consultation, the manufacturers of the flow detector have been working hard to develop new special and upgraded programs. In addition, the existing flow detectors that have been used in the equipment are also a sales market with great potential, because the existing flow detectors must be regularly maintained or modernized. At present, there is also an electronic universal experimental machine on the market that adopts the renewal and transformation of ordinary 3-camera electric or frequency conversion Electromechanical. (end)

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