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On December 24, PVC production and sales dynamics of some enterprises

1. Shandong Bohui PVC plant started relatively low, and the price continues to be stable. The ex factory quotation of type 5 electric stone in the province is 7050 yuan/ton, and it goes out of the province. 4) multiple force sensors and multiple deformation sensors can be configured. The factory quoted 6950 yuan/ton, and the actual delivery is slightly lower. The manufacturer said that the sales are general, and there is no inventory pressure

2. Tianjin Chemical PVC is yuan/yuan/ton, and the shipment is stable without inventory pressure

3. The start-up of Sinopec Beijing PVC plant maintained the early level, mainly taking delivery at a stable price. The qs1050p and qs1000f were delivered at 7300 yuan/ton, the S1000 was quoted at 7350 yuan/ton, and the s700 was quoted at 7550 yuan/ton. The shipment was average

4. Tangshan Jidong chlor alkali PVC production is normal, and the price goes with the market. The local factory price of type 5 electric stone is 7050 yuan/ton, and the export delivery is 100 yuan/ton lower. If the pointer deviates from the zero position after air strike by more than 0.1% of the corresponding pendulum impact energy, the delivery is more flexible, and the large order is better

5. Hunan Zhuhua PVC production is normal. Due to the tight supply of calcium carbide raw materials, the commencement is lower than that in the early stage. The ex factory quotation of ordinary type 5 calcium carbide in the province is 7350 yuan/ton, and the delivery quotation in South China is 7350 yuan/ton. Type 7 is 20 high, resulting in a reduction of 7000 tons in the market. The supply of vanadium pentoxide is 0 yuan/ton. It is mainly sold in South China, and the sales are normal

6. Hebei Baoshuo PVC production is normal, and the price is temporarily stable. The local ex factory quotation of type 5 calcium carbide is 7100 yuan/ton, and there are discounts for large orders. The quotation for export to East China is 7250 yuan/ton, and the sales situation is general

7. Qingdao Haijing PVC production is normal, and the quotation remains stable. The ex factory price of type 5 electric stone is 7200 yuan/ton within the province, 7100 yuan/ton outside the province, and 7250 yuan/ton of type 3 local factory. The shipment is stable, without sales pressure

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