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Process dependent mode, mode dependent strategy

"business process dependent business mode, business mode dependent enterprise strategy", they are also a collaborative supply chain relationship

in order to speed up the process of enterprise management innovation and informatization in China, we should deeply study the basic relationship of "business process is subordinate to business model, and business model is subordinate to enterprise strategy". First of all, no matter what enterprise needs to have a clear development strategy, the realization of this development strategy must be supported by many advanced and feasible business models. Secondly, due to the extensive management of Chinese enterprises, many business models are not scientific and reasonable, which seriously affects the rapid development of enterprises. Third, only the integrated application of information technology, without the organic combination with business model reorganization and business process reorganization, it is also difficult for us to achieve the overall informatization goal of "promoting enterprise innovation through collaborative commerce and information integration" of Chinese enterprises during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". Fourth, business processes are the integration of a group of interrelated business activities, and they do not exist in isolation. It follows the development strategy, business model and objective laws of production and business activities of the enterprise. Whether an enterprise's business process is reasonable and efficient depends on the progressiveness and feasibility of its business models such as collaborative commerce, supply chain, marketing, product research and development, material procurement, product manufacturing, financial cost, logistics distribution, after-sales service, etc

for example, a machine tool manufacturing enterprise developed new products with high added value in order to rapidly improve its R & D capability; In combination with the actual situation of the enterprise, they adopted the R & D mode of merging and acquiring foreign EU advanced enterprises in the same industry, and directly and quickly tracking and acquiring world advanced technology, so as to replace the original R & D mode of domestic industry university research cooperation or exchanging funds for foreign technology. Obviously, the investment, function and effect of these two modes on building an independent innovation R & D system and improving the sustainable development ability of enterprises; And we expect that the price of domestic corrugated box board will continue to rise. The business processes and the contents, methods and effects of process reengineering in terms of strategy, plan, progress, quality, cost and people of product research and development under the two modes are completely different

for another example, a heavy machinery manufacturing enterprise in order to strengthen its core value-added business and enhance its competitiveness and enterprise value; They have introduced advanced manufacturing modes, management modes and information technology, such as virtual enterprise, agile manufacturing and networked manufacturing, and outsourced about 20% of non core low value-added businesses, breaking the small and comprehensive or large and comprehensive inefficient manufacturing mode inherent in enterprises for decades. Obviously, different manufacturing modes also have obvious differences in collaborative commerce, business scope, resource allocation, production organization, logistics distribution and equipment purchase, which is bound to affect its business process and the content, method and effect of its reorganization

for another example, in order to strengthen product cost analysis and control, a locomotive and rolling stock manufacturing enterprise can reduce product costs and improve enterprise profits; They decided to introduce the standard cost system of Western management accounting based on analysis and control to replace the original quota cost system or planned cost system based on financial accounting, and strive to make cost management achieve pre planning, in-process control and post analysis. Obviously, different cost management systems and cost management models belong to level 1 accuracy, and the methods, functions and effects of cost accounting, allocation, analysis and control, as well as the contents, methods and effects of business process and reorganization are also different

information strategy, published in January 2007, published the Research Report of cioinsight on the 30 major trends of IT application in 2007. Through the investigation and analysis of CIOs, coos, CFOs and vice presidents of 5178 enterprises in 2006, the report believes that "it promotes model innovation" is the main direction of IT application in 2007, ranking second among the 30 major trends. The report said, "four fifths of enterprises are seeking new business models instead of clinging to low-cost strategies to win new customers. One of the ways is to explore new markets and make profits through interconnection". One of the trends is to promote business process reengineering. The main factors to promote business process reengineering are to improve productivity, reduce costs, improve revenue, comply with regulations and speed up process efficiency

therefore, in accelerating the process of enterprise management innovation and informatization in China, business process reengineering and information integration application are far from enough. We must introduce business model reengineering and strive to promote business model reengineering. (end)

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