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Photovoltaic 2013, challenges and opportunities coexist

after the industry crisis last year, what is the prospect of the photovoltaic industry in Hebei Province this year? A relevant person from the provincial information industry and informatization Association said: challenges and opportunities coexist

as one of the new energy industries strongly supported by China, the photovoltaic industry has experienced a glorious period from 2008 to 2011, and its annual output of photovoltaic modules has leapt to the world leader. However, in 2012, due to the rapid contraction of the market, China's photovoltaic industry has serious overcapacity, and the top ten photovoltaic enterprises in China have debts of more than 100 billion. The development situation of the industry is unprecedented severe

the industry crisis has a serious impact on the photovoltaic industry in Hebei Province. Statistics show that last year, the output of solar cells in the province was 3321.4mw, an increase of 26.69% year-on-year; The accumulated main business income was 20.011 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of -33.48%, and the total profit and tax was -2.724 billion yuan. The increase in production did not increase income, and the loss increased month by month. Some cities with photovoltaic industry as the development focus of electronic information field suffered serious losses

even so, a number of key solar photovoltaic enterprises such as Jinglong and Yingli group, whose main business income accounts for nearly 30% of the photovoltaic industry in Hebei Province, have been equipped in biomaterial enterprises in the industry last year with various advanced processing centers, special machine tools, laser microprocessing and coating equipment; Automation and information technology have been widely used in production; The earliest inspection equipment can be seen everywhere in large companies, but the machine has bucked the market. According to the data, last year, Jinglong group made every effort to increase technology research and development, effectively improve product quality and reduce production costs, and achieved the upgrading of products. In January, it achieved a sales revenue of 16.34 billion yuan (respectively shown on the screen), ranking first among China's new energy enterprises; Yingli group relies on its complete industrial chain, technology, cost, brand and marketing network advantages, and relies on the two national key laboratories to promote technological upgrading, maintain its leading edge in the domestic and foreign markets, and become the world's leading photovoltaic enterprise in module shipments. This explains a truth that opportunities are always left to those who are prepared

"in fact, the crisis itself is an opportunity. It is forced by the trend, and the industry is" reshuffled "to promote photovoltaic enterprises to strengthen technological innovation, reduce costs, improve conversion efficiency, and warm up the winter through many measures." Insiders pointed out that a large amount of content

the person said that in order to deal with the current crisis of the photovoltaic industry, the State Council determined five policy measures to promote the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry in accordance with the ideas of innovating institutional mechanisms, improving policies and measures, expanding the consumer market, standardizing market order, promoting industrial restructuring, and reducing power generation costs. Southern Power Company will also take a series of measures to support industrial development. This has created a good policy environment for the development of photovoltaic industry this year

it is understood that facing the current industry difficulties, our province has also determined several measures to support the development of photovoltaic industry. By giving full play to the role of government organization and coordination, we will build a platform for banks and enterprises to connect the supply and demand of funds, and strengthen the promotion. We will implement "one enterprise, one policy" for key enterprises in the photovoltaic industry with good development prospects, and provide effective credit support to alleviate the financial pressure of enterprises. At the same time, we will vigorously support photovoltaic enterprises to increase technological innovation, develop new high-efficiency batteries, adopt advanced equipment, improve production processes, improve photoelectric conversion efficiency, and strive to reduce production costs and improve core competitiveness. This may indicate that after the cold winter, the spring of photovoltaic industry in our province is no longer far away

according to the analysis of the international development environment of the photovoltaic industry, even when European countries reduce photovoltaic subsidies and the European debt crisis lingers, the development of the photovoltaic industry is still the highlight of the European market this year, but its installed capacity will continue to decline, with a high probability of falling below 50%. On the contrary, in the Asia Pacific region, the proportion of PV installed capacity in the global market this year will gradually increase, from 26% last year to 30%. This also brings a glimmer of hope for the photovoltaic industry in our province and even our country, which is in the haze, to reduce the thickness and save materials. Zhonghua glass () Department

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