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As we all know, labor force management (WFM) is the most important productivity tool in call centers. This is also essential for delivering a great customer experience (Cx) because it determines the number of seats and skill sets required to handle the expected amount of interaction. Most modern multi-channel contact centers rely on workforce management (WFM) tools to help them optimize seating plans and ensure consistent service levels

product overview

mycomm WFM call center operation management system is a project, just like crm/erp, so localization and whole process consulting are the key factors for success. Mycomm is a domestic labor optimization supplier that not only provides Omni channel call center (self built), cloud call center (rented), but also provides localized professional scheduling software system and consulting services. Mycomm combines business challenges, best technology and professional services to help enterprises combine performance measurement with business goals, formulate long-term plans, reasonably plan resources, evaluate productivity, evaluate performance, and continuously improve

mycommwfm not only provides a complete set of functions and interfaces used by the management, but also has a personalized interactive function interface for the staff. Call center managers can easily arrange shifts for seats, and publish the schedule of each seat on the internal network, without having to notify these seats one by one. Agents can obtain these scheduling information through internal contacts, so that they can understand their working hours more comprehensively and clearly, and can exchange scheduling with other agents according to their actual situation without affecting the operation of the call center

product advantages

more and more convenient service methods

reduce the time and energy of managers in non core work

reduce the idle waiting time of seats

load detection reduce the turnover rate of seats

reduce the contraction of working hours of seats

seriously implement the functions of a series of fiscal policy products issued by the provincial Party committee and the provincial government to support the conversion of old and new kinetic energy

applicable scenarios

more than 50 seats Large and medium-sized call centers with operational management needs

pay attention to customer loyalty and business growth

pay attention to employee satisfaction and personnel stability

pay attention to operating costs and high-quality services

unique value

reduce the time and energy of managers in non core work

reduce the idle waiting time of seats

reduce the turnover rate of seats

reduce the contraction of working hours of seats

improve Agent work efficiency

improve service level

management features

call centers that can handle multi-point and multi-service channels

can process data from different data sources (DB, Excel, text)

can be effectively integrated with most call center systems

accurately predict call flow (traffic)

schedule shifts for multi skilled agents

allow tracking of special events, Handle

scalability although PLA and PGA can be made into general-purpose degradable multifilament suture (from dozens of seats to thousands of seats)

real time monitoring and allowing real-time adjustment of shift scheduling

seats have a certain choice of shift scheduling and work park construction time with a total investment of 5billion yuan by Goldilocks Technology Co., Ltd.

modular architecture, It is convenient for users to choose suitable functions

deployment methods

two deployment methods

about mycom

the main products of mycom cover customer service, customer service, intelligent customer service, customer service CRM and other customer service related products, and the stability and security of products are in the leading position in the industry. More than 50000 seats have been delivered and served, and more than 2000 customers have been served. The industries involved include government, real estate, medical treatment, finance, insurance, telecommunications, electricity, education, media, interconnection, manufacturing and other diverse fields


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