Hottest PTA spot market daily report on November 1

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On November 16, 2009, PTA spot market

Terminal polyester product sales fell, and PTA futures trend was weak. Affected by this, PTA spot market trend was weak on Monday. In terms of internal trading, the general spot price is 7550 yuan/ton, a small amount, that is, in the 400 meter race, the speed can be accelerated by half a second, and the lower firm price is around 7500 yuan/ton. The buyer's counter-offer is close to 7450 yuan/ton, and the mainstream transaction is around 7500 yuan/ton. The spot price of a single product in Zhejiang is 7500 yuan/ton, and there are also thousands of tons of spot transactions in Jiangsu at 7500 yuan. Generally, most of the buyers are traders. In terms of external offer, the general spot price is US $per ton. Today, the buyer received the offer cautiously, and the counter-offer was close to US $900. The transaction negotiation was carried out around us $905 per ton. There were few substantive transactions. The bonded goods were negotiated around us $915 per ton, and the buyer hesitated to accept the offer

in terms of contract goods, a mainstream domestic supplier adjusted the contract price in November to 7600 yuan/ton to avoid impurities such as water. It is also reported that a 900000 ton PTA new device in the mainland has been started up recently after early commissioning, and it is said that qualified products have been produced. Its products may gradually enter the market in the future

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