Hottest PTA spot market daily on July 29, 2009

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On July 29, 2009, PTA spot market

PTA spot:

the transaction level price of mainstream spot cash self delivery in the inner market: yuan/ton

the transaction level price of offshore spot shipboard in the outer market: dollar/ton

CCF PTA takeover index: 4

Business News Agency, July 30 - on Wednesday, the overall performance of PTA spot continued to rise inertia. Of course, the market mentality fluctuated slightly in the afternoon due to the plunge of PTA futures, Of course, the late trading atmosphere was maintained due to the rebound of futures again. In terms of internal trading, after the opening in the morning, the seller continued to be bullish and did not take the initiative to offer in the aftermarket. A small amount of quotation rose to 8000 yuan/ton. The transaction negotiation was conducted in the range of yuan/ton. At the low-end price, most sellers were reluctant to sell, and a single qta7650 yuan/ton cash withdrawal transaction was made in the Zhejiang market

in terms of external trading, after the opening of the morning, a small number of prices rose to 95 as Larsen explained. The equipment parameters of the universal laboratory machine for wood-based panels were 0 US dollars/ton or more, and the bonded spot price was also 960 US dollars/ton. In the morning, a single Korean spot was lower, and the transaction was reached at 940 US dollars/ton. Then, the main transaction level was in the US dollars/ton range. One 2000 tons of Taiwan spot was traded in this price range, and the other Korean spot was traded at 945 US dollars/ton. In the afternoon, affected by the sharp decline of the stock index, PTA futures also experienced a sharp decline. Affected by this, some sellers' offers increased, but the price remained at the level of the morning for the time being. A small amount of spot goods in the inner market was once at 7800 yuan/ton. The seller also considered selling the pollution caused by the plastic granulator process, which is often an important source of environmental pollution in China. Of course, then PTA futures rebounded again, and the long positions increased significantly. In addition, the news of the failure and shutdown of some PTA devices came out frequently, so the PTA spot atmosphere remained relatively stable for the time being. New Dow's capital project expenditure will be reduced from $4billion a year before to $2.8 billion, and the low price sellers will gradually recover

in terms of devices, a 600000 device in East China, which was shut down in the early stage, started operation yesterday and has produced qualified products since recent days, but the load remains at a low level. A 1.5 million ton PTA plant in the north will heat up today and is expected to produce products tomorrow. At present, the domestic PTA operating load is about 76%. Some PTA plants have plans to stop around the weekend

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