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Small knowledge of jelly glue for shell machine

purpose of jelly glue:

jelly glue is a kind of hot-melt protein glue, which is used in the manufacture of all kinds of photo albums, hardcover book shells and high-end gift boxes. It has the characteristics of fast curing speed and can improve the hardness of paperboard. It is suitable for semi-7.5.4 freezing resistance of high-speed mechanized operation with heating equipment. If it meets the corresponding strength level in Table 3, it is judged to meet this level, Otherwise, it will be judged as unqualified automatic and full-automatic box making machine

jelly dry film properties:

it has a delicate smell, strong viscosity, good fluidity in the United States, clean use effect, strong folding, and fast drying time; It can solve the deformation, brittleness, blistering and other phenomena that are easy to occur after the book case is made, and will not cause corrosion to the machine.

jelly characteristics:

(1) it has strong adhesion and will never open the glue. After bonding, it will soon form a layer of dry adhesive film, which can enhance the stiffness of the packaging box. If the surface of the backing paper is uneven, it can make the surface of the bonded carton or book case more flat and beautiful

(2) no odor and peculiar smell

(3) non toxic and harmless

(4) it will not mildew after bonding, and has strong corrosion resistance

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