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Maintenance methods for vehicle water temperature rise under different conditions

first, judge that there is no problem with the coolant, thermostat, thermal switch, fan, fuse and water pump. After the electric fan stops, turn on the air conditioner switch, and the fan should run immediately. When the throttle is increased to more than 2000 rpm, the fan should run at a higher speed

phenomenon 1: the fan cannot run at high speed. Solution: check the high-speed running mechanism and control circuit of the fan

phenomenon 2: since the condenser is in front of the water tank, when the surface of the radiator of the water tank is covered with catkins and dust, the heat is not easy to dissipate. Jetta and Passat are prone to this fault. Solution: clean the surface of water tank radiator

phenomenon 3. Due to long-term use, the interior of the water tank may be blocked by scale and insufficient heat dissipation. When the above two situations are confirmed to be absent, you should consider changing a new water tank

note 1: the electric fan will operate even if the water temperature is not high. When the air conditioner is turned on or the ambient temperature is high, the fan will run at high speed

note 2: judge the condition that the temperature should be above 30 ℃, and confirm that the cold air compressor does not stop running. All this is to cool and depressurize the air conditioner condenser after turning on the cold air

II. When the air conditioner is not turned on, the water temperature is abnormal

the normal situation is: first confirm whether the liquid level in the coolant make-up tank is appropriate; Then start the engine and observe the water temperature gauge. The water temperature rises gradually

hold the water supply pipe of the water tank and feel it gradually warming up; Holding the downpipe, the temperature is almost unchanged. When the water temperature reaches 80 ℃, the lower pipe begins to heat up gradually until it is the same as the upper pipe temperature, and the hand feels hot. The engine continues to run. When the water temperature is about 95 ℃, the electric fan starts to run, and the water temperature drops slightly, stopping for about 1 minute. Such repetition is normal

phenomenon 1: the water temperature rises very slowly, the upper and lower water pipes are at the same temperature, and there is almost no heating in the car. Cause: the thermostat was not closed tightly, and even illegally removed during maintenance. Solution: replace and install the thermostat

phenomenon 2: after the engine heats up, the electric fan also vigorously develops the R & D technology of high-end products, but the temperature of the lower water pipe may be slightly lower than that of the upper water pipe when the water temperature is higher than 95 ℃. Reason: the opening of thermostat is not enough, and the function of cooling system has been greatly reduced. This situation is very common and is not easy to be noticed. Solution: replace the thermostat

phenomenon 3: the water temperature gauge rises to 95 ℃, so the water pipe is at the same temperature and very hot. Cause: there is a problem with the fan running circuit. There are three possibilities. Why can't the machine be widened The fan is damaged, the thermal switch on the water tank is damaged, and the fuse is damaged. At the same time, the fuse is damaged, which is often accompanied by or hides the early failure of the circuit or fan. Solution: replace the fan; Replace the thermal switch; Replace the fuse and check the circuit

phenomenon 4: the water pump impeller does not work. Cause: water pump damage is also a factor of placing a steel bar at the upper center line of the test piece, but it is not common. This requires more professional knowledge to judge, so I won't repeat it here

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