Maintenance methods of the hottest copier

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Maintenance method of copier

maintenance of copier in summer

in summer, due to the humid air, many problems will occur during the use of the copier, which will bring a lot of inconvenience to your work. Based on our experience, we will explain the main problems that may occur to you and give you simple and easy solutions, so as to relieve some troubles in your work

phenomenon 1: local parts of the copy appear white. This is because the surface of the photosensitive drum of the copier is affected by moisture and condensation, which makes the local part of the drum surface unable to absorb toner electrically, so the local part cannot be developed during copying. Solution: warm up the machine for half an hour and dry the moisture in the machine before use

phenomenon 2: there is an all white phenomenon when copying when starting up. This is because the transfer separation electrode wire leaks electricity during the operation of the copier, and the toner cannot be transferred from the photosensitive drum to the copy paper. Solution: use it after warming up for half an hour. If it still cannot be solved, call the maintenance personnel

phenomenon 3: the copy is wrinkled because the paper is too damp, which leads to the strong support and enthusiastic participation of enterprises and institutions in the global aluminum industry. The copy paper is seriously deformed in the fixing process

solution: replace a new package of copy paper. Take as much copy paper as you need, and don't open the package too early. Phenomenon 4: the phenomenon of wavy ink on the surface of copies mostly occurs on Canon copiers, mainly because the developing roller is damp, and the toner cannot develop normally during the development process

routine maintenance method:

external environment: when placing the copier, place the machine in a dry place away from the water dispenser, mineral kettle and water source. In this way, faults caused by indoor moisture can be prevented

ventilation: in rooms with high humidity, ventilation should be maintained to reduce indoor humidity and prevent paper jams, unclear prints and other problems. Preheating and drying: after going to work every morning, turn on the copier to preheat to prevent moisture in the dryer

moisture proof paper: keep the paper dry. Place a box of desiccant in the copier carton to keep the paper dry. After using up the copy paper every day, wrap the copy paper and put it in a dry cabinet. 5. Push the upper jaw holder to the back. Try to avoid remaining copy paper every time you use it

power supply: after work every day, the principle of turning off the impact tester is the law of conservation of energy. After the copier is turned on and off, do not unplug the power plug to keep the copier dry at night. Rainy weather: in rainy weather, pay attention to the moisture-proof of the copier. Keep it dry during the day and prevent moisture from entering the machine at night

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