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Maintenance method for let off circuit board failure of air-jet loom

our company purchased 36 Zax air-jet looms produced by Tsudakoma company in early 1998. The machine has excellent performance and stable technical indicators. Since its launch, the company has created good benefits with registration fees including conference materials, venue services, souvenirs, meals, tea breaks, etc. (the accommodation expenses of conference representatives are borne by themselves). However, since 2003, p6c failures have occurred in the ELO servo amplifier of its let off circuit board, and more and more faulty machines have affected the company's production plan

after careful comparison, the difference between the normal circuit board and the faulty circuit board was measured, and the technicians of Tsudakoma company were consulted. Finally, it was confirmed that the fault was caused by the failure of the trigger PC923 that sent the trigger signal to the inverter module. After finding the cause of the fault, the trigger can be replaced to mechanically index each task to eliminate this fault. However, there are six triggers on each circuit board. There is no special testing instrument that we do not hold great hope. It is difficult to find out the trigger that has failed. Each trigger needs to be carefully soldered off and replaced with a normal circuit board for on-board operation test to identify the trigger that has failed one by one. In this way, it takes at least 3 hours to repair a circuit board, and some even more than a day

carefully compare the failed trigger with the normal trigger, and then carefully measure each pin with a multimeter. It is found that since the lower middle two pins of the trigger (the trigger is double row eight pins) are connected to the control circuit of the circuit board, measure these two pins with the diode gear of the digital multimeter. The resistance value of the failed trigger is 1.01 Ω ~ 1.20 Ω, while the resistance value of the normal trigger is more than 1.40 Ω. According to this rule, the trigger with abnormal measured value was welded down and tested on the computer, and p6c fault occurred in all results

after the improvement, let's take an example today. The effect of this method is very obvious. It takes only more than two hours to repair two circuit boards. This method reduces the scope of maintenance, greatly saves maintenance time, and can maintain at any time in case of failure

up to now, there are more than 40 circuit boards that have repaired such faults. As long as P6 (: fault occurs, it can be repaired, which ensures the smooth completion of the production plan and creates good economic benefits for the company

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