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Wear maintenance method of gear oil pump parts

wear maintenance of gears:

the wear parts of gears are mainly the meshing of teeth, the involute working surface and the planes at both ends of the gear. In case of slight wear, the tooth surface can be mechanically polished with oilstone, with both ends flat and polished on the flat plate. When the tooth surface of the gear is seriously worn, it should be replaced with a new gear. If only the planes at both ends of the gear are worn, it can be ground and polished on the surface grinder

shaft wear maintenance:

the wear of the shaft in the gear oil pump is mainly due to the friction between the two ends of the shaft and the supporting needle. 3. The connotation of polyurethane on the combustion characteristics has changed from the original simple flame propagation and spread wear, making the shaft diameter smaller. If it is slightly worn, a layer of hard chromium can be plated to increase the diameter of the shaft at this position, so that the shaft can be repaired. If the shaft is seriously worn, it should be remanufactured with 45 steel or 40Cr steel. After rough and fine turning of the shaft blank, the bearing part should be heat treated with a hardness of HRC, and then ground to make the surface roughness Ra of the bearing mating part not greater than 0.32 μ m; The roundness and cylindricity of the shaft are allowed 1. Factory inspection: the difference is 0.005mm; The surface roughness Ra of the mating part with the gear shall not be greater than 0.63 according to h7/h6 μ m。

if the dimension of the needle roller bearing for the pump is not zero, click the hardware conditioning button to repair and replace:

after the parts in the pump are repaired, the bearing needle should be replaced. The requirements for needle rollers are: the dimensional error of all needle diameters should not exceed 0.003mm, the length tolerance should be 0.1mm, and the fit clearance with the shaft should be about mm; During the assembly of needle rollers, the bearing shell shall be filled according to the quantity requirements, and the needle rollers shall be arranged in parallel with each other

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