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With the acceleration of the national industrialization development process, the scientific and technological development of the modern machinery industry, the complexity of the structure of the machine and the improvement of the degree of automatic operation, the maintenance of the machine presents the current situation of difficult maintenance. In order to facilitate everyone's daily operation and maintenance, it is necessary to formulate the corresponding methods and strategies generally believed by domestic experts and media in daily use

but for long-term performance, this paper takes the cardboard bursting resistance tester as an example to talk about its maintenance methods. The paperboard bursting strength tester is an international Mullen instrument, which is widely used in packaging materials. It is mainly used to measure the bursting strength of various paperboards and single-layer and multi-layer corrugated paperboards, as well as non paper materials such as silk and cotton cloth. As long as the material is put in, it will automatically detect, automatically test, automatically return the oil pressure, automatically calculate, store and print the test data. The instrument uses digital display and can print the test results and data processing by itself. Due to the increase of its functions, it is difficult to maintain

at present, the main daily maintenance mainly focuses on two aspects:

1. Reliability centered maintenance method, which is the core of modern maintenance theory. From the viewpoint of system engineering, the development, design, manufacture and use of maintenance objects are all links related to maintenance, and all links work around the center of reliability. Therefore, the reliability of maintenance objects is continuously improved and improved in a cycle. This kind of maintenance method is also the inheritance and development of the traditional maintenance method based on prevention. People's understanding of maintenance has evolved from the original work wear and tear fault endangering safety to taking active and effective measures to control the factors that reduce the reliability of mechanical equipment, so as to maintain and restore the inherent reliability of mechanical equipment

2. The preventive maintenance method with regular maintenance as the main form has long been believed that the safety of mechanical equipment depends on its reliability. Therefore, it is believed that the more preventive work is done, the shorter the repair cycle, and the more reliable the mechanical equipment is. This is the preventive maintenance method based on regular maintenance that we have used for many years. That is, regardless of the technical status and use environment of each specific maintenance object, mandatory maintenance (such as the current level I, II and III maintenance) and targeted maintenance must be carried out according to the uniformly specified time or mileage. This method of regular maintenance is suitable for the maintenance of early mechanical equipment and parts, and has played an important role in the maintenance of mechanical equipment in China

through the analysis of the reliability factors in each link of mechanical equipment, scientifically determine the maintenance work items, optimize the maintenance methods, determine the reasonable maintenance cycle, and only do the maintenance work that must be done, which not only restores the reliability of mechanical equipment, but also saves maintenance time and cost

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