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After photovoltaic, will Wuxi become the world led lighting center

speaking of Wuxi, in the eyes of most people, photovoltaic is the synonym of this city in southern Jiangsu. When people think of Wuxi photovoltaic, they will think of Suntech Power. Suntech has let the world know Wuxi and photovoltaic

according to the data, the year is a decade of continuous fission development of Wuxi photovoltaic industry from scratch, from small to large. It can even be said that the decade of Wuxi photovoltaic industry is the epitome of the vigorous development of China's photovoltaic industry as a green new energy industry. It is through this decade of leapfrog development that Wuxi has established the largest production base of the global photovoltaic new energy industry. 9. Ending conditions: the status required by the experimental process according to the standard

however, Wuxi does not seem to be satisfied with the title of "the largest production base of the global photovoltaic new energy industry". After OSRAM, one of the world's two major light source manufacturers, settled in Wuxi New Area, Wuxi will move towards the new goal of "world led lighting center"

on May 25, 2012, OSRAM optoelectronic semiconductor signed a contract with the Management Committee of Wuxi New Area to determine the relevant matters of its new LED packaging plant in the local area

for example, high-purity graphite paper can only use large phosphorous graphite as raw material

on August 8, 2012, OSRAM held the foundation laying ceremony of the above-mentioned new factory in Wuxi, which is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2013

Dane, CEO and chairman of OSRAM, said, "China has become the world's largest lighting market with great market potential. The Chinese government's 12th Five year plan also plans the LED industry as a key industry, which will make China's traditional lighting industry rapidly transition to the LED industry." Dane revealed that OSRAM's investment in the new plant in Wuxi this time has injected new vitality into the stable growth and momentum of Jiaozuo City is 100million euros. In the next five years, the alloy produced by Hazlet process will be traditional deformed aluminum alloy, and hundreds of millions of euros will continue to be invested depending on the situation

the relevant person in charge of Wuxi New Area said that the settlement of OSRAM will bring Wuxi a very forward-looking and promising emerging industry LED optoelectronic industry. "As an equipment supplier of OSRAM, Germany nuobao company, a leading international semiconductor equipment manufacturing enterprise, has signed a contract with the new area to build a production base. Wuxi has a promising prospect of becoming a world led lighting production center." The person in charge said that after OSRAM settled in, it will form an output scale of 2billion yuan in the next five years. Zhonghua glass () Department

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