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Maintenance methods and operation precautions of bench vice

bench vice, also known as vice, bench vice. Bench Vise is a necessary tool for bench workers, and it is also the source of the name of bench workers, because most of the work of Bench Vise is done on Bench Vise, such as saw, file, chisel, and assembly and disassembly of parts

The bench vice is a general fixture used to hold workpieces. It is installed on the workbench to clamp and stabilize the workpiece. It is a necessary tool for the fitter workshop. The rotary clamp body can rotate to make the workpiece rotate to the appropriate working position. How to maintain the vice

1. During the installation of bench vice, part of the jaw of the fixed tong body must be located outside the edge of the bench vice, so as to ensure that the workpiece will not be blocked by the edge of the bench when clamping the long workpiece

2. The Bench Vise must be firmly fixed on the bench, and the three compression screws must be tightened to ensure that the vise body is not loose during processing, otherwise the opening and direction of the tiger control servo valve will be damaged and the processing will be affected

3. When clamping the workpiece, it is only allowed to pull the handle with the force of hands, and it is not allowed to pull the handle with a hammer or other sleeves, so as to avoid damage to the lead screw, nut 50 (n1=n2=50) or the clamp body

4. Do not knock the workpiece on the jaw and then conduct the experiment again, such as 1 ton or more, but on the platform that fixes the jaw body, otherwise the jaw will be damaged

5. Lead screws, nuts and other sliding surfaces shall be kept clean and lubricated frequently

precautions for bench vice

(1) when clamping the workpiece, it should be properly tightened, and the handle can only be tightened by hand, and it is not allowed to apply force with the help of other tools

(2) when working hard, try to make the force face the fixed tong body

(3) do not knock on the movable tong body and smooth plane

(4) the movable surfaces such as lead screws and nuts should be cleaned and lubricated frequently to prevent rust

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