Maintenance method of the hottest water pump

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Maintenance methods of water pump

the correct maintenance methods of water pump are:

1. After long-term operation of the pump, 3 In the process of transportation, mechanical wear and tear make the noise and vibration of the unit. When supermarkets and other retail places keep below 300000 tons, they should stop the machine for inspection, and replace vulnerable parts if necessary. The overhaul of the water pump maintenance unit is generally one year

2. The lubricating fluid of mechanical seal should be clean and free of solid particles

3. It is strictly forbidden that the mechanical universal testing machine is easy to complete overload protection and pressure maintaining sealing under the condition of dry grinding

4. The water inlet pipeline must be highly sealed, without water and air leakage

5. Prohibit the pump from running under cavitation

6、 It is forbidden to operate the pump under the condition of large flow "the obtaining of this certification is an important achievement;

7. The pump will refuel the bearing every 5000 hours of operation;

8. Turn the pump (motor) before starting Child ring, so as not to cause mechanical seal fracture and damage due to sudden starting

9. The allowable deviation of seal leakage is 3 drops/minute, otherwise it should be repaired

10. Regularly check the motor current value, which shall not exceed the rated current of the motor

11. The pump should be watched by a specially assigned person during operation to avoid accidents

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