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Hydraulic pump maintenance methods and main precautions

the efficiency of the hydraulic pump system depends on the volume of the hydraulic pump, and then detect the signals at some points, and then compare the efficiency of the two groups of signals. When the volumetric efficiency drops to 72%, it is necessary to carry out routine maintenance, replace the bearings and aging seals, and repair the matching clearance beyond the friction pair or replace accessories, so that its performance can be restored. Maintenance mode of hydraulic pump:

1 The oil supply form of the hydraulic pump is straight shaft swash plate pressure, which is divided into two types: the pump plug force oil supply type and the self suction type. The pressurized hydraulic oil of the pressure supply pump adopts the oil tank with air pressure, and the hydraulic pump oil is supplemented by the hydraulic oil suction pump that provides pressure oil to the oil inlet of the hydraulic pump. The self-priming oil of the pressure pump is a certain representative among similar domestic products, with strong progressiveness ability and no need for external oil supply. If you find that the speed of the hydraulic cylinder decreases or is stuffy, you should repair the hydraulic pump on time, check whether the impeller edge is scratched, and whether the clearance of the internal gear pump is too large. For self-priming oil, the oil in the pump plug type pressure tank shall not be lower than the lower limit of the oil standard, which is enough to maintain a necessary amount of hydraulic oil. The cleaner the hydraulic oil is, the longer the service life is. 2. Many products are used

2. Bearing for hydraulic pump the heaviest shaft of plunger pump is the main bearing of the part. If the bearing has clearance, the normal clearance of the three pairs of friction pairs of pump pressure fluid in the part cannot be guaranteed. At the same time, the thickness of the damaged hydrostatic support oil film will be rubbed, which will reduce the service life of the bearing pump used for plunger. According to the information provided by the hydraulic pump manufacturer, the service life of the flat bearing is 10000h. If it exceeds this, it needs to be replaced with a new one. It is impossible to detect the clearance of the bearing without professional testing instruments, and only visual inspection can be used. If the roller surface is changed or the mark is scratched, it must be replaced. When replacing the time bearing, pay attention to the English letters and models of the original bearing. The pump plug with large bearing capacity in both columns adopts the bearing with large load capacity. It is best to buy the product of the original grid and factory. If you replace another brand, the bearing should be checked and replaced by experienced personnel, in order to maintain the same bearing grade and load capacity

3. Three pairs of wear and repair with the inspection pair

(1) the sleeve copper inlay of the cylinder can be repaired by replacing the copper sleeve. First, trim the diameter of the first stopper rod to the uniform size, and then polish the paper sand with an external diameter of more than 1000

make the oil cylinder hang (2) the square joint of the melting cylinder and the copper sleeve

(3) face table "using mining technology

(4) Most of the copper sleeve materials of the cylinder body are ductile iron, and the amorphous film or coating is prepared on the wall of the cylinder body

because the inner wall of the cylinder block hole has special properties, it can form a hard hard friction blind fruit, such as. By grinding the cylinder block hole, the layer on the inner wall of the cylinder block hole is removed from the surface of the grinding material, and the more structural performance of the friction will change the coating. If the friction pair of is forcibly used, it will sharpen and the temperature surface friction will rise, and the plunger rod will be glued with the cylinder hole. In addition, on the surface of the column preparation, the rod plug has a unique thin-film coating, which contains a wear reduction + wear resistance + lubrication wear group. The friction pair that can work is actually a hard soft pair. Once someone changes the coating, the friction pair of the best matching material will be destroyed. Especially for these repairs, special plunger pumps should be sent to a professional repair shop. (end)

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