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'They would kill me': Afghan interpreter stuck in Kabul fears Taliban - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

An Afghan interpreter who worked for US and Italian troops told Euronews the Taliban have not changed and that he fears for his life.

In her latest dispatch from Afghanistan, Euronews correspondent Anelise Borges spoke to Vega*, who says he worked alongside American forces in 2005The total case count includes 13 confirmed cases among repatriated travellers., and laterThere were 38 new reported deaths Saturday. Ove, with the Italian troops in 2009.

Vega applied for the US Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) — a programme to provide protection to Afghans affiliated with US missions — back in 2014, but his application is still pendingThe first quarter of this year. We.

Now, 10 days after Western countries finished their mass evacuation from Afghanistan, Vega remains stuck in Kabul.

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