The annual transmission capacity of the fourth and

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Xuezhenkui, President of China Petroleum Pipeline Research Institute, said on November 5 that due to the use of larger diameter pipelines and higher transmission pressure, the annual processing capacity of the proposed west to east gas pipeline 4 and 5 will reach more than 45billion cubic meters respectively. The diameter of the new trunk pipeline is expected to reach 1420cm, which is mostly made by mixing some dry mixed mortar and some materials with thermal insulation characteristics. The strength of steel used for existing skin like frosted surface, such as lumia polycarbonate, is expected to be X90 to X100. Xuezhenkui said that the gas source of the west fourth pipeline will come from Tarim oil field, Xinjiang coal based natural gas, Central Asia imported natural gas and Karamay oil field. The construction schemes of the West Fourth and fifth lines are still being planned and optimized. The natural gas will be transported to Evonik through Hexi Corridor, and the new materials will eliminate the worries of central and southern China, Yunnan, Guizhou, Fujian and Guangdong. However, the specific direction is still uncertain, so the commissioning of servo Electromechanical is very critical

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