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Radware provides a new cloud security service suite

for enterprises, change means the existence of threats. At the same time, the rapid development of network security threats and applications has also brought more challenges to enterprises. Radware (nasdaq:rdwr), the world's leading provider of application delivery and network security solutions for virtual data centers, cloud data centers, and software defined data centers that provide users with the best level of service, is committed to helping enterprises meet these challenges. Through the expansion of cloud security service products, enterprises can constantly adapt to the growing threats and applications being developed

radware provides a complete set of cloud protection services, which can provide enterprises with the best protection measures they need, and can adapt to the unique network and application environment of different enterprises. This new cloud security service product is the only adaptive solution that integrates cloud DDoS, large traffic and Application Firewall attack protection. Whether it is a permanent, on-demand or hybrid solution, it can meet the unique needs of customers. Once installed, Radware cloud security services will automatically adjust security policies according to threats and changes in protected assets

network attacks are increasing at an alarming rate. In order to protect their own security, enterprises must regularly adjust their security strategies to adapt to the changing environment, while reducing human intervention. For enterprises equipped with cloud infrastructure, or those without sufficient bandwidth to support comprehensive internal security resources, Radware's new products provide them with much-needed protective measures

radware's new forever cloud security service suite can automatically detect and mitigate various attack vectors, including DDoS, burstattacks, complex large traffic attacks, SSL based attacks, zero day attacks, SQL injection, etc. In fact, this is the only available cloud solution that can mitigate SSL based attacks while maintaining the privacy of user numbers. This means that while Radware mitigates attacks, enterprises can always focus on business operation and maintenance

The evolution of network attacks is not the only risk faced by enterprise network security. Whether in the cloud, hybrid cloud or data center environment, the changing characteristics of application development and modification may also generate many unexpected security risks. Radware's new cloud security service suite is the first continuous adaptive service, which can automatically generate protective measures against zero day attacks in a few seconds, and can automatically adjust protective measures according to changes in applications

Haim zelikovsky, vice president of Radware cloud business, said: the current attack status is fully automated, complex and encrypted. Due to the rapid development of the scale and complexity of the current threat situation, enterprises need a solution that can learn and adapt to the development speed of attacks. Many enterprises have either moved to the cloud environment to further improve their market competitiveness, or are not equipped with internal security personnel or resources. Through the cloud security services provided by Radware, we can help them do this

ed Anderson, vice president of research at Gartner, and Sid nag, director of research, said: in 2017, 40% of the IT budget of most enterprises "We focus on the allocation of plastics to cloud services and cloud related services. When asked about the three major reasons that restrict their adoption of cloud computing, 63% of enterprises said that security is the most important aspect they pay attention to. *

radware plastic commodity production accounts for 70% of the Chinese market. Cloud WAF and DDoS protection technology can provide the widest range of security coverage, and Radware cloud security service provides services that solve these security problems well 。 These services provide:

the first web security service with continuous adaptability. This service can automatically adapt to the changing threats and protected assets in the following ways:

through detection measures based on behavior analysis and real-time signature generation technology, protective measures against zero day attacks can be automatically generated in a few seconds

through the device fingerprint identification technology independent of IP, no matter what the hidden IP is, it can automatically identify, set the blacklist and intercept the machine used for attack

through automatic policy generation technology, when new applications are added to the network during the important strategic opportunity period that is still in development, they can automatically detect and protect the security of these new applications

the only cloud SSL attack mitigation measure that can maintain the privacy of user data can eliminate the operational dependency between service providers and enterprises when the key changes. The solution also allows the use of wildcards to reduce operational complexity when a large number of sub domains need to be protected

fully manageable 24/7 services that can be deployed locally and in the cloud, including WAF and DDoS protection. The service is provided by security experts who have been verified in practice, and can provide complete visibility for security status and mobile device oriented attacks

as part of a strong global cloud security network, more than 2TB of mitigation capacity and dedicated cleaning centers can isolate clean traffic and DDoS attack traffic

Carl Herberger, vice president of Radware security solutions, said: enterprises of all sizes are attacked every day. Radware cloud products provide many enterprises with feasible enterprise level methods to protect them from the growing network security threats

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Radware (nasdaq:rdwr) is a global leader in providing application delivery and application security solutions for virtual data centers and cloud data centers. Radware's award-winning solutions provide full flexibility, maximum it efficiency and complete business agility for key business applications. Radware solutions help tens of thousands of enterprises and operators around the world quickly respond to market challenges, maintain business continuity, and effectively reduce costs while achieving maximum productivity

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