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Fangyuan pull arm garbage truck was launched on the market

the pull arm garbage truck of Fangyuan group adopts the Tianlong series chassis produced by Dongfeng company, which has the advantages of beautiful appearance, luxurious interior and advanced technology. It is expected that the exhibitors will reach nearly 10000 people. Dongfeng Tianlong pull arm garbage truck has the advantages of simple structure, stable and convenient operation, high loading and unloading efficiency and high degree of mechanization. Through hydraulic control, the swinging telescopic hook arm can lift and put down the garbage can by itself, and it can dump garbage by itself

the square and round arm type garbage truck is put on the market

the feature of this garbage truck is that one truck can be equipped with multiple garbage cans, realizing the joint operation of one truck and multiple garbage cans, circulating transportation, convenient and fast lifting and unloading of garbage cans, and improving the transportation capacity of the truck to the greatest extent to avoid stress whitening. The closed dustbin can effectively avoid secondary pollution during transportation. When dumping garbage, the hydraulic cylinder can open and close the dustbin door, saving manpower

the car is equipped with a garbage can as standard. 2. Open the experimental software of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine with a capacity of 20 cubic meters. It is an ideal equipment for garbage transfer in large urban garbage dumps

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