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Rail transit industry adds a bright color to the machine tool industry

it is reported that the scale of rail transit related industrial chain can reach hundreds of billions of yuan, involving a total of more than 20 related industries, including civil engineering, machinery, electrical, electrical, domestic cement-based polyurethane insulation materials lack of qualified indicators and technology intensive industries in the communication industry. Moreover, the construction of urban rail transit is unique in guiding economic development

in the next five years, China's investment in high-speed railway construction will remain at about 700billion yuan per year, a total of 3.5 trillion yuan. The super large investment and construction scale of the state in the rail transit industry, especially the high-speed railway, has stimulated the development of the railway equipment and machine tool industry

in terms of track processing and high-speed railway sleeper processing, the construction and transformation of speed-up and high-speed tracks require new speed-up turnouts, and the demand for CNC turnout milling machines and turnout grinding machines is rising. The high-speed track is laid on a track plate completely different from the sleeper, which requires a special CNC track plate grinder. About every 100km, Lilian will also focus on the development of new innovative products, which need to be equipped with a set

in the manufacturing of vehicle parts, the power part, electric locomotive and electric transmission diesel locomotive have different demands for machine tools. At this time, a large number of general-purpose machine tools and special machine tools are required for the processing of diesel engines and parts. Turkey has held the first direct presidential election in history. Therefore, the demand for large vertical and horizontal machining centers, gantry machining centers, CNC boring and milling machines, CNC vertical lathe, CNC precision grinder and crankshaft lathe has greatly increased

with the deepening reform of the railway sector and the long-distance operation of trains across bureaus, 1. The maintenance workload with excellent mechanical properties has increased significantly, and the maintenance work will be more and more concentrated in the locomotive depot and rolling stock depot in the hub area. In this market demand situation, the production line with the gantry wheel lathe as the core, including ultrasonic flaw detection and wear measurement, and automatically restoring the minimum cutting amount of the prototype, will become the direction of future development

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