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Leili equipment management system was recognized by the Department of economy and information technology of Guangdong Province to provide free use for enterprise production and operation during the epidemic period. Release date: Source: Leili technology

win the epidemic prevention war. We are in action

in order to do a good job in the resumption of work and production of enterprises in an orderly manner, government departments at all levels and industry associations in Hubei Province actively mobilize all forces, using information means, The CDW (6) 0 type impact test low-temperature tank series is a newly developed tightening mechanism cold equipment production according to the requirements for low-temperature devices in gb/t229 (1) 994 "metal Charpy Notch Impact Test Method", and strives to achieve both epidemic prevention and control and enterprise resumption of production. The products of Wuhan Leili Information Technology Co., Ltd. were successfully shortlisted in the notice on the catalogue of cloud products and services that can be used free of charge for fear of poor contact between the sample and the anvil during the COVID-19 issued by the office of the Department of economy and information technology of Hubei Province and the catalogue of products vigorously promoting green manufacturing, promoting enterprise informatization services and helping small and medium-sized enterprises overcome difficulties issued by Wuhan enterprise informatization promotion association

facing the imminent resumption of work and production

the heads of enterprises and institutions may encounter the following problems

1 The recovery time of traffic in different regions cannot be determined for the time being, which is likely to gradually return to normal in stages and batches. The workers waiting for resumption of work cannot go to work as scheduled, and the production plan will be affected

2. It will take time for the epidemic to stabilize completely. Even if it resumes work, prevention and control work needs to be strengthened. How can we reduce personnel exposure

3. After the test of this epidemic, the convenience and importance of mobile Internet platform products and services have become increasingly prominent. How can we introduce mobile Internet information technology into our production

radium device management system

a new way to improve TPM lean in the era of mobile Internet

1 The mobile terminal and Web terminal are used together to optimize equipment management. Due to its inherent reactive work arrangement, communication, implementation and follow-up, unnecessary face-to-face coordination and communication are reduced, and the epidemic risk is reduced

2. Reduce personnel travel, on-site operations, spare parts costs and operation and maintenance costs, and help enterprises achieve "cost reduction and efficiency increase"

3. Data analysis and experience base can improve the efficiency and stability of equipment maintenance, eliminate manual data statistics and other miscellaneous work, realize paperless collaborative office, and have a panoramic view of equipment operation without leaving home

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