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Radware's full range of DDoS won the frost Sullivan customer value leader award

Radware products and services provide advanced technology and value-added functions that go beyond alleviating needs, and provide customized solutions for customers

recently, Radware (nasdaq: rdwr), the world's leading provider of network security and application delivery solutions, won the frost Sullivan 2017 global customer value leader award. Frost Sullivan recently conducted an in-depth analysis of the distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation industry and conducted research on industry-leading manufacturers that clearly stated that they could ensure customer value. Radware firmly established itself as a leading product and service provider in the highly competitive network attack and DDoS mitigation market

in order to provide the best protection against increasingly complex DDoS threats, Radware has routinely identified emerging and emergency attack trends. Therefore, Radware won the frost Sullivan 2017 global DDoS mitigation customer value leader award

frost Sullivan senior industry analyst Chris Rodriguez said: with relatively few resources, network attackers can cause large-scale and expensive damage to enterprises. DDoS customers need solutions that can detect and mitigate the most complex large-scale attacks. These solutions need to go beyond the traditional rate based protection measures, and use the algorithm based on behavior analysis to automatically detect zero hour attacks, encryption attacks and dynamic attacks. Customer value in this area is more than simply pricing performance. Enterprises must evaluate these solutions through a series of value-added factors. To a large extent, Radware has achieved success in the market by identifying, welcoming and surpassing customer value related concerns

Anna converge Pelletier, chief marketing officer of Radware, said: frost Sullivan's global analyst team has adopted a rigorous and in-depth approach to find the best solutions in the industry. Radware won the customer value leader award not by accident. The award recognizes Radware's unremitting efforts in improving solutions and increasing customer value when facing new threats such as large-scale IOT botnets and SSL encryption attacks. We will unswervingly provide services to customers to ensure the safety of the enterprise

radware attack mitigation system can defend against increasingly complex dedicated DDoS threats, including web application security and SSL based attack mitigation. It also provides protection measures for network and application attacks, including IOT devices attacked by hackers. Radware attack mitigation measures provide industry-leading solutions, such as:

Radware DDoS protection measures provide real-time DDoS Attacks Based on behavior analysis, and a DDoS mitigation mechanism based on SSL, which can protect the infrastructure from network and application downtime, application vulnerability exploitation, network exceptions, DNS attacks, encryption attacks, high experience IOT botnet attacks and other emerging DDoS attacks

cloud DDoS protection service provides a full range of cloud DDoS protection measures, including a permanent hybrid protection module, which can forward traffic to this module when the enterprise interconnection pipeline approaches saturation in a large traffic attack. This realizes the smooth transition between various mitigation mechanisms, and will not increase the delay of the cleaning center, providing users with timely protection

web application firewall (WAF) solutions (whether enterprise deployment or cloud services) can ensure the rapid, reliable and secure delivery of critical web applications. While protecting customer information, its post tensioned system acceptance recommendation fip-93 can also alleviate web application security threats and vulnerabilities, prevent data theft and enterprise sensitive data tampering, and thus ensure PCI Compliance. In addition, the solution also reduces the risk of enterprise infrastructure being used to attack others

converge Pelletier added: Radware is proud to be able to realize functionalization in a fully integrated automated process by providing a fully integrated attack mitigation solution, which can meet the specific needs of each customer during deployment. We promise to continue to maintain flexibility, provide the best service, and increase customer value in every step of strengthening customer relations, so as to realize the long-term development of the enterprise

radware emergency response team (ERT is also an important factor for analysis and consideration. Radware ERT can quickly intercept DDoS attacks and provide 24/7 security services for customers facing instant denial of service, DDoS attacks or malware outbreaks. ERT provides instant professional security assistance, which can intercept DDoS attacks and resume network and service operations. ERT is composed of DDoS protection service experts, who have rich knowledge and experience of network threats and can detect and mitigate these attacks, I also have a deep understanding of Radware product family. At present, ERT has successfully mitigated thousands of attacks

rodriguez added: Radware can provide flexible DDoS solutions that can meet the specific needs of enterprises in different industries, such as telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, education, manufacturing and enterprises. Every enterprise is in a dangerous situation, but their considerations in budget constraints, delays, security needs and other aspects are very poor, and their technical characteristics are different. Therefore, industry-specific solutions are of great value to customers in all vertical industries

every year, frost Sullivan will award this award to enterprises that have outstanding performance in strategy implementation, can create value for customers and focus on improving the return on investment of customers who buy their services or products. The award aims to recognize the improvement of customer value by enterprises, which goes beyond simple high-quality customer service, so as to expand customer base and customer retention

The frost Sullivan best practice award is mainly awarded to those enterprises that have outstanding performance in leadership, technological innovation, customer service, product strategic development and other aspects in the global and regional markets. Industry analysts compare all participants in the industry, and repeatedly measure the market performance of enterprises through in-depth interviews, investigation and analysis, and secondary surveys, so as to select the best winners in the industry

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Radware (nasdaq:rdwr) is a global leader in providing application delivery and application security solutions for virtual data centers and cloud data centers. Radware's award-winning solutions provide full flexibility, maximum it efficiency and complete business agility for key business applications. Radware solutions help tens of thousands of enterprises and operators around the world quickly respond to market challenges, maintain business continuity, and effectively reduce costs while achieving maximum productivity. For details, please visit: or follow Radware official:

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