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Radware won the 2011 "Unified Communication Annual Product Award" from the authoritative magazine

China Beijing, May 21 - Radware (nasdaq: rdwr), the world's leading provider of application delivery and application security solutions for virtual data centers and cloud data centers, recently announced that Radware Alteon? 10000 application delivery controller (ADC) was awarded the 2011 Unified Communication Annual Product Award by the professional magazine Internet telephony under the authoritative media group TMC. Radware Alteon 10000 provides a comprehensive application delivery architecture for key infrastructure services of telecommunications, mobile operators and Internet service providers, and is honored for its unmatched scalability, business agility and industry-leading performance

today's telecom operators, mobile operators and Internet service providers must keep pace with the times, adopt new technologies, overcome challenges, remain competitive and attract new customers in order to obtain the best cost-effectiveness. These include launching private and public cloud services, realizing data center virtualization and integration, coping with the surge of mobile traffic, and realizing the migration from IPv4 to IPv6. Radware Alteon 10000 has been proved to be able to fully meet the current and future application needs of users, maximize help enterprises reduce costs and improve business flexibility, so as to obtain the best economic benefits

the introduction of private and public cloud services by telecom operators, mobile operators and Internet service providers means virtualizing the computing resources in the data center, dynamically and elastically meeting the changing service needs, and providing contingency services for hundreds of end users. Alteon10000 runs Radware ADC VX? Manage the program, and realize the industry's highest density vadc on a single ADC hardware platform. Therefore, Alteon 10000 enables service providers to meet the SLA of customers with the least ADC hardware equipment, which not only greatly reduces the investment cost, but also greatly simplifies the operation

in addition, many mobile and cable operators provide a variety of value-added services (VAS) that rely on content aware services such as acceleration, optimization, streaming media, advertising, parental control, and pay per flow. Therefore, the infrastructure of operators is becoming increasingly complex. With transparent load balancing and intelligent traffic orientation functions, Alteon 10000 can route transaction requests to specific vas according to application, location, user and device type, which not only improves the application experience of end users of operators, but also greatly improves the utilization of IT resources

in addition, with the depletion of IPv4 address resources, operators and Internet service providers gradually migrate their network infrastructure and servers from IPv4 to IPv6. As a complete ipv4/ipv6 gateway, Alteon 10000 can not only reduce the cost of new hardware, but also reduce the risks of gold automotive materials caused by migration, and ensure that the applications provided by service providers are available at any time

Nirilani, Deputy Product and marketing director of Radware application delivery high-performance electronic universal material testing machine, believes that today's operators and Internet service providers need application delivery solutions that help them improve industry flexibility, support dynamic growth market demand, meet user differentiation needs, and help operators improve competitiveness. Radware alteon10000 is outstanding in ensuring the availability and performance of operators' high concurrency network infrastructure and mission critical applications. It helps operators increase services, throughput and the number of users without replacing hardware. It is a technology-leading solution for applications without incoming calls. Winning this award once again confirms that Alteon 10000 is the best virtualization application delivery solution in the industry for future communication networks

about alteon10000

based on the advanced ATAC (telecommunications operation architecture) standard chassis, Radware Alteon 10000 is a high-end, carrier grade application delivery device, which provides the application delivery capability of on-demand expansion, with a throughput of up to 80g. In addition, on a single hardware platform, the total number of vadc instances that it supports to run independently is the highest in the industry

radwarealteon10000 has achieved a performance breakthrough in the layer, supporting 11.2 million UDP requests per second, 2million TCP connections per second and 440000 concurrent connections. Therefore, Alteon 10000 can support more traffic and applications, and ensure the best user experience with the fastest response speed. Alteon 10000 has 15 10GE/Ge (sfp+ pluggable options) ports and another 8 1ge (copper) ports, providing expansion ports and a complete set of connection options. In addition, Alteon 10000 is equipped with a 6-slot chassis, which can accommodate four blades. Each blade can provide 20g throughput, which is also conducive to measuring the wear dispersion of the friction surface. The throughput can be extended to 80g at most. All slots support hot plug, allowing customers to replace without downtime

radwarealteon10000 provides a series of application acceleration functions, including SSL offload, web compression, caching, HTTP reuse and TCP optimization. These functions are designed for server load, address server performance, improving response time, ensuring the best user experience, and resolving security risks. By offloading intensive processing operations on the server, Alteon 10000 frees the CPU of the server to process new requests. In this way, users do not need to buy additional hardware equipment, but also can support more application processing needs, thus reducing the acquisition cost and operating expenses

it is worth mentioning that Radware pay as your grow purchase mode, which allows users to flexibly expand the performance and service level by simply upgrading the license according to the changes of business needs. Because it eliminates the time-consuming and laborious forklift upgrade method and application downtime, Radware allows users to achieve investment protection by reducing excessive investment

radwarealteon10000 is the Radware virtualization application delivery architecture (Vadi?) The embodiment of strategic key technologies, Vadi will transform computing resources, ADC services and virtualization services into an integrated, flexible and scalable application delivery architecture. By running multiple virtual ADC instances on the same hardware platform under complete isolation, Radware Vadi strategy helps cloud service providers and high-end enterprises achieve large-scale integration. In short, it ensures the flexibility and predictable performance of application delivery, and significantly reduces the deployment cost of application delivery

tmc ceorich Tehrani said: virtualization technology is changing the way operators, Internet service providers and enterprise data centers provide unified communication applications, driving innovation in the entire industry. Radware's long-term unremitting efforts have fully proved its determination to develop excellent communication solutions. Internet telephony is pleased to award Radware Alteon 10000 application switch controller 2011 unified communication year to eliminate some errors

details about the radwarealteon10000 winning the 2011 unified communications annual product award were published in Internet telephony magazine published in March 2012

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