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Radware extends cloud workload protection services to achieve risk-based threat visibility, compliance, and attack detection

recently, Radware, the world's leading provider of network security and application delivery solutions, has strengthened cloud workload protection services (CWP), providing enterprises with a set of visibility, compliance, and reporting functions, while strengthening its industry-leading attack detection engine

radware extends its comprehensive compliance engine to support multi cloud environments. The engine can compare the enterprise cloud security situation with several industry compliance standards, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIS. Because the machine's own displacement measurement system only measures the distance that the tensile machine beam moves t CSF, soc2, CIS aws/azure benchmark indicators

this service includes a new security situation dashboard, which can provide comprehensive visibility into the overall cloud risks related to workloads hosted in AWS and azure and the enterprise cloud security situation. The dashboard provides a comprehensive and detailed view of security risks across multiple accounts, regions, and public cloud providers

radware enriches many scenes and implements the friction coefficient function of plastic packaging materials, which is quite important for production. The existing industry-leading attack detection engine is used to detect cloud native attack vectors, and a new attack simulation tool is added. This attack simulation tool allows enterprises to actively test the public cloud environment, strengthen the security situation, and improve the readiness of the security team by using simulated attacks based on real cloud data leakage events

this is a comprehensive end-to-end CSPM solution, which can identify security risks, unintentional public exposure, excessive permissions and violations, detect leakage attempts, and automatically repair threats

David Aviv, chief technology officer of Radware, said: as more and more enterprises turn to the public cloud environment, they need unprecedented visibility for the enterprise environment based on real risk analysis. Many times, the tools used by enterprises are difficult to distinguish between suspicious activities performed by legal entities and malicious activities threatened by the originator. Radware cloud workload protection service can help enterprises identify these two scenarios by providing meaningful Threat Intelligence and advanced analysis, as well as unparalleled attack chain identification capabilities. Our CWP service can help customers take actions quickly and accurately, intercept attacks, and fix vulnerabilities in the cloud environment before it's too late

radware cloud workload protection service can help enterprises achieve full visibility into complex environments. One example is perion, an advertising technology innovator whose employees manage multiple AWS instances. AWS provides very limited visibility for multiple workloads and assets distributed in multiple environments, such as the network configuration of assets exposed to interconnection

Amir Arama, executive vice president of perion, said: Radware cloud workload protection service provides a single solution with greater visibility, which can immediately identify dangerous misconfigurations. By integrating these functions into CWP's continuous attack detection function and compliance tools, Radware can continuously improve the value of products that have provided great value

Nissim Pariente, vice president of security analytics, said: Recently, we conducted a trial run with a network security start-up company. After the company received a large amount of investment from venture capital companies, the customer cycle time and ordinary injection molding group increased rapidly. In the proof of concept stage, we found that many confirmed public exposures are actually false positives, and are usually reported by the company's partners. In addition, we also found that almost every employee in the enterprise cloud environment has management rights. After deploying CWP, the company can optimize permissions to the correct access level, and the granularity and control ability have also been highly appreciated by executives

as enterprise employees are transitioning to remote and home office modes, Radware CWP can also help enterprises monitor workloads and maintain productivity. Radware can work closely with specific clients to monitor the work participation of remote employees and optimize permissions to follow the principle of minimum privilege

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