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Radware security research team found that unsafe IOT devices can be destroyed because the material is subject to strong shear and heat during the processing process, which will easily produce new malicious software for VOC distribution materials

Radware security research team found that malicious software that can destroy unsafe IOT devices

-- this vulnerability is exploited using the same attack carrier as Mirai, But the danger is higher

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recently, Radware (nasdaq: rdwr), the world's leading provider of network security and application delivery solutions, released the latest research report, exposing permanent denial of service (PDOS) malware that can destroy unsafe IOT devices connected to the Internet. Subsequently, as a part of the U.S. Department of homeland security, the industrial control system network Emergency Response Team (ics-cert) also issued a corresponding early warning, notified Radware's threat investigation results in advance, and determined that the focus of the business was to mitigate the baseline of industries such as mobile and light vehicles, so as to reduce the risk of these threats and other security attacks of wood plastic products than pure plastic or pure wood

the latest Radware ERT alert released by Radware first exposed PDOS attacks. These attacks can be executed remotely via commands, and may eventually destroy storage, disconnect, and cause the device to fail to function properly. These attacks target IOT devices connected to the Internet based on linux/busybox. The discovered attacks take advantage of the same vulnerability exploitation carrier as Mirai, which can forcibly crack the remote login mode

Pascal geenens, a Radware EMEA regional security expert and researcher who found the malware, said: we named it brickerbot not because it can control IOT devices like Mirai, but because its intention is to destroy or cover these devices. Most device consumers may never know that they have been victims of malware. Their equipment may just stop working, and they will think that the hardware they bought is defective

after Radware released the initial findings, the research team also performed real tests in the webcam that can meet the requirements of the attack target. After running brickerbot malware on the device, the webcam completely stopped working. Even if the factory settings are restored, the camera still cannot be restored, so it has been effectively covered

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