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Radware actively promotes the implementation of cloud security services and escorts network security.

with the continuous deepening of the concept of "Internet plus", China's Internet construction is advancing towards the strategic goal of building a network power, and Internet is also rapidly integrating with various fields and industries with an unprecedented irresistible trend. However, in recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet and the rapid development of applications, network security threats and attacks are also increasingly rampant, the network security situation is more complex and severe, and the importance of network security is becoming increasingly prominent

as the world's leading provider of network and application security solutions, Radware has been forging ahead and launched a full range of security products and solutions to help enterprises of different sizes cope with the growing network threats. Recently, Mr. rberger, vice president of Radware security solutions, came to China and held a relatively traditional media meeting of inorganic and organic antibacterial agents. At the meeting, Mr. Carl introduced Radware's new cloud security service strategy in detail

radware cloud security service package Cisco continues to develop polyurethane foam, including comprehensive cloud WAF and DDoS protection services, which can automatically detect and mitigate various attack vectors, including DDoS, burst attacks, complex large traffic attacks, SSL based attacks, zero day attacks, SQL injection, etc. In fact, this is currently the only adaptive solution that integrates cloud DDoS, large traffic and Application Firewall attack protection. Whether it is a permanent, on-demand or hybrid solution, it can meet the unique needs of customers

Mr. Carl said that Radware cloud security service has unique advantages in security protection. First, the service can identify whether the traffic surge is good or bad, and then determine whether the traffic surge is an attack. This process is automatic; Second, the protection time is very short, and the whole process from analysis to blocking can be automatically realized in 18 seconds; Third, the attacker can be identified according to the fingerprint of the device, rather than just relying on IP

it is worth mentioning that Radware cloud security service is also the only cloud SSL attack mitigation measure in the industry that can maintain the privacy of user data, which can effectively prevent SSL based attacks while protecting users' SSL keys from being leaked

with this new cloud security service, Radware won the best security management service award of SC magazine in 2016. SC magazine is the gold standard of network security in the entire security industry. Winning this award once again proves Radware's leadership in the security field

with the development of cloud computing, Radware is also transforming from application delivery and security solution providers to cloud services, providing customers with integrated solutions from hardware to software to cloud services. Radware cloud security services have achieved very good market results in North America, Europe and other regions. As for the landing of the market for extending the service life of parts in China, Carl believes that although Radware has technical advantages, it will still encounter some practical problems in providing secure cloud services in China, and it may be more realistic to cooperate with third-party cloud services

finally, Mr. Carl said that Radware has many leading patented technologies, and its global deployment can be more conducive to the development of cloud security services. In the future, Radware will continue to develop more new products and solutions and push them to the market to serve more industry users

about Radware

Radware (nasdaq:rdwr) is a global leader in providing application delivery and application security solutions for virtual data centers and cloud data centers. Radware's award-winning solutions provide full flexibility, maximum it efficiency and complete business agility for key business applications. Radware solutions help tens of thousands of enterprises and operators around the world quickly respond to market challenges, maintain business continuity, achieve the highest production efficiency and improve protection functions to reduce costs

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