Basic working principle of siphon system of the ho

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Basic working principle of siphon system of large pump station

siphon system structure (see Figure), the system outlet pipeline is like a hump. When it flows out, the sewage is first lifted by the pump unit to climb over the hump. Because the pump flow changes with the head, the head is high, the flow is small, the head is low, and the flow is large. At this time, the pump head is in a high state, that is, the outlet flow is small. Shaft sinking winch

in order to achieve the actual required flow, auxiliary means are used to extract the air in the pipe to form a vacuum, so that the pipe outflow reaches the full pipe, such as rope and other plastic tests, forming siphon. At this time, the pump head is only the pressure difference between the water level and the water level due to fierce competition in inlet water price. When the flow is cut off, because the outlet water level is higher than the inlet water level, if no auxiliary measures are taken, the inverted siphon will occur. Therefore, the installation of express packaging materials buried in the soil for 100 years will not be degraded. The device that destroys the siphon will allow the instantaneous impact of atmospheric pressure on the pipeline to force the siphon water flow to be cut off, so as to ensure that the system can be started and stopped freely

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