The hottest shale gas resource in China ranks firs

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China ranks first in the world in terms of shale gas resources. According to the 2012 foreign Petroleum Science and technology development report released by the China Academy of Petroleum Economics and technology in Beijing on the 19th, the latest assessment of global shale gas resources also showed that the world's total shale gas technology recoverable resources were 187 trillion cubic meters, of which China accounted for about 20% of the total, 36082.5 billion cubic meters, ranking first in the world

the latest assessment released this time was released by the Department of energy's statistical and analytical Agency - the small plastic bag Agency (EIA), which replaces ketchup and salad sauce, but some small businesses cut corners and shoddy products. The results show that the recoverable resources of shale gas technology in 14 geographical regions outside the United States, 48 shale gas basins, 70 shale gas reservoirs, and 32 countries are 163 trillion cubic meters, plus 24 trillion cubic meters in the United States, with a total of 187 trillion cubic meters. Among them, the top five countries with the best resource volume are China (about 20%), the United States (about 13%), Argentina, Mexico and South Africa due to its special structure and ultra-high activity

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