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If the tensile strength of shale oil and gas in the United States is too large, the cash outflow of the industry in the first half of the year will exceed US $30billion

according to the financial times, US shale oil and gas producers reported that the cash outflow in the first half of this year exceeded US $30billion. This sign shows that as the sharp fall in oil prices begins to have an impact, this once prosperous industry faces various challenges

according to FactSet, an information provider, in the first half of this year, the capital expenditure of independent U.S. listed oil and gas enterprises exceeded the operating cash flow by about $32billion, close to the deficit reported in 2014 of $37.7 billion

data from the US energy information administration showed that US oil production fell in May and June. Some analysts predict that US oil production will continue to decline as financial constraints restrict companies' drilling and completion capabilities

the cash gap indicates that the number of bankruptcies and reorganizations in this industry has increased. The industry has expanded rapidly in the past seven years, but its cash flow has been insufficient to cover capital. Whether this round of adjustment is actually a fundamental recovery or the short-term repair of steel lags behind into another falling range remains to be verified by the market

enterprises have sold stocks and assets and borrowed cash to increase production and cash reserves. According to FactSet, the total net debt of U.S. oil and gas production companies rose from $81billion at the end of 2010 to $169 billion on June 30 this year, more than doubling

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