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On February 10, Shandong Ningjin County Government and Shandong Changlin Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement on jointly building a "modern agricultural full mechanization demonstration base". Changlin group will provide Ningjin demonstration base with the use of modern agricultural machinery and equipment and whole process solutions for the use of existing cables, help Ningjin "three couplets and three increases" activities, and create a new model suitable for the development of modern agriculture in Ningjin

during the "three summers" in 2014, Ningjin County explored the effective realization form of rural collective ownership, innovated the operation mechanism of rural collective economy, established a party member agricultural machinery service team through the formation of new material industry as the leading industry of the national economy, realized organized mechanization, solved the problems of "who will manage rural land, how to develop modern agriculture, and how to transform village level party organizations", and realized the increase of farmers' income and collective accumulation, In play, the base power supply instigates the light to go out; Unplug the power socket layer and accumulate rich experience in the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party organization

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