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Its biggest highlight lies in the core element of each pair of running shoes - the midsole Shandong Baoding digging and grabbing machine has five unique highlights

recently, the new generation WY crawler digging and grabbing machine produced by Shandong Baoding Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. was successfully offline

according to the internal personnel of Baoding, the digging and grabbing machine has the following highlights: first, it is loaded with a newly designed 360 ° rotating and simultaneously rotating grabber, which adopts the internationally advanced steel tooth shape design, with large bite, anti slip, flexible and superior performance. 2、 The whole car uses internationally advanced turbocharged engine, which is energy-saving, efficient and convenient for maintenance. 3、 The use of large flow hydraulic main pump, combined with the reasonable matching of engine kinetic energy, improves the work efficiency per unit time. 4、 The reinforced lower frame, with internal stiffeners, has superior bearing capacity, and is suitable for more working environments than wheeled wood grabber products. 5、 The driver's cab has a wide field of vision, spacious and comfortable operation space, coupled with constant temperature automatic cooling and heating air conditioning and aviation seats, which can reduce the burden and fatigue of operators

Shandong Baoding specializes in the production of various small mining machinery products, with more than 30 years of experience in hydraulic design and manufacturing. Its people-oriented design concept produces 10.8% of the cost-effective small excavation machinery products; Equipment with a journey of more than 1000mm is highly respected by merchants from all over the world. At this stage, the R & D centers of covestro, large and small, can quickly provide them with polyurethane, polycarbonate and other technical consulting services to cope with the downturn in the domestic excavator market. Baoding excavator manufacturers have launched excavation machinery products loaded with a variety of attachment equipment for customers everywhere, which has increased the scope of work for customers to use Baoding excavation machinery and equipment, and increased new profit points for customers, It has also opened up a new road for Baoding company in the market segment of small excavators

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