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Shandeka: advance and retreat together with the most beautiful "reverse"

some time ago, in China's first large-scale public test of commercial vehicle fleet following standards, three shandeka sent by China heavy truck performed well, once again endorsing shandeka's high-end positioning in the field of road vehicles

however, little known is that after several years of dedicated development, shandeka has quietly made efforts in the field of special vehicles and gradually become a climate. Now, there are more and more shandeka in the fields of fire protection, engineering infrastructure, mobile communication, mobile diagnosis and treatment and other high-end special vehicles

shandeka: advance and retreat together with the most beautiful "reverse"

speaking of fire engines, do you have Mercedes Benz, Scania, Volvo... These imported brands flashing in your mind? Do you still think "domestic cars are of poor quality and can't be on the table"? In fact, with the continuous improvement of China's manufacturing level, domestic fire engines have long lost the hat of "backward technology" and "low appearance". On the contrary, domestic products represented by shandeka are accelerating to catch up with imported fire engines with strength

who says that fire engines can only use imported chassis? Domestic vehicles, while the CFRT market is dominated by electrostatic parts and sliding parts. Awesome

shandeka has a great mission to realize import substitution. In the high-tech and high value-added fire truck market, with the quality comparable to imported trucks, appropriate prices and thoughtful and timely service, SINOTRUK shandeka quickly broke the situation that imported trucks dominated the fire truck and other fields for a long time, and won its great development in the field of special vehicles

Jetta Fire Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is the leading fire-fighting enterprise in China, and its annual output and sales volume for ten consecutive years are in the forefront of the same industry. In 2018, Suzhou Jetta purchased 150 shandeka fire truck chassis. When peers chose imported chassis for refitting, Suzhou Jetta had a special preference for shandeka. The person in charge of Suzhou Jetta told that at the beginning, they also used imported chassis such as Mann, Mercedes Benz and Isuzu for modification. After first contacting shandeka, they were moved by its high appearance, solid manufacturing technology and quality from Germany. After further understanding and experience, Suzhou Jetta decided to use shandeka chassis. Shandeka adopts Germanic technology from engine, gearbox, axle to cab. Chassis bundle layout, multi vacancy design, frame design and other aspects provide convenience for modification. It is a reliable brand with reliable quality and timely service

sjd5340gxfpm10/sda ultra heavy duty foam fire truck modified by Suzhou Jetta with shandeka chassis won the gold medal of product design in 2018 China Industrial Design Award. This is the only national government award in the field of industrial design in China. The products that have won the Gold Award for excellent industrial design in China represent the highest level of industrial design in China at that time. The affirmation from the national government awards once again confirms that their choice is wise

the brand advantages and product performance of shandeka attract not only Suzhou Jetta, but also more domestic equipment enterprises

Xinxing heavy industry is an equipment manufacturing enterprise with strong comprehensive strength, and its products cover many fields. Wang Junsheng, the chief expert of Xinxing heavy industry, said: "the reason why we prefer the domestic Shande truck type is that the chassis performance plays a strong guarantee for the fire fighting work. The continuous operation of the power system for a long time does not affect the output of fire fighting equipment. Secondly, the chassis price is far lower than that of imported trucks, effectively reducing the cost of users."

shandeka chassis is also selected for the interconnection + foam fire truck of Shaanxi Yinhe Fire Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. this fire truck uses wireless network, which can realize the remote control of fire equipment and protect the life safety of firefighters to the greatest extent under extreme conditions. Lin Zhan, director of the company's Scientific Research Institute, welcomed the arrival of the rigorous period of energy conservation and emission reduction, Yong said: "in addition to the quality assurance, the more important reason for the company to choose shandeka chassis first is that the technical support can keep up and the after-sales service is also very convenient."

nowadays, domestic fire engines with multiple uses and configurations show the strength of China's industry. Made in China is surprising the world at an amazing speed. Domestic fire engines and imported fire engines are going hand in hand

as the preferred chassis of domestic fire engines, shandeka has strengthened the confidence of domestic fire engines with excellent quality and strong technical support, and provided the most beautiful "anti walkers" with safe and thoughtful protection. "Made in China to ensure fire safety in China" is no longer just a slogan, but the direction of domestic high-end heavy truck products represented by shandeka

where B is the size directly determined by the mold parts

is the preferred ideal testing equipment for wood-based panel manufacturing enterprises and quality inspection departments

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