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Shandong: thanks to related industries, micro corrugated has a good market

from e-corrugated to o-corrugated is collectively referred to as micro corrugated. Micro corrugated packaging has the advantages that ordinary corrugated board can't match in terms of commodity protection, convenient transportation and sales promotion. In foreign countries, the trend of micro corrugated board has risen. Enterprises in the United States, Sweden, Germany, Spain and other countries have begun to expand the production scale of F-shaped and G-shaped corrugated board, and explore in depth into micro corrugated board

with the rapid development of Shandong economy and the expansion and strengthening of related industries, the number of products suitable for micro corrugated packaging has increased sharply, which has promoted the development of micro corrugated packaging

small electrical appliances and spare parts

with the rapid economic development of the eastern coastal areas of Shandong, the electrical appliance manufacturing industry is in the ascendant, and there have been a number of electronic and electrical appliance production enterprises with relatively common problems, such as Haier, Hisense, etc. Small electronic products give priority to micro corrugated packaging. In large products, micro corrugated packaging has become an excellent environmental friendly cushioning material

the rising food deep processing industry in the main grain producing areas

Shandong province takes advantage of the advantages of the main grain producing areas in the North China Plain by attracting investment to vigorously develop the deep processing of crops with tin, nickel, lead, aluminum, alumina and bauxite in the forefront. Many well-known food enterprises have set up factories here, such as Hualong, Baixiang, Santaizi, little prince and Fujian Dali, etc. It is reported that six or seven instant noodle production lines will be built in Shangqiu, and the demand for micro corrugated packaging will increase a lot at that time

wine packaging prefers micro corrugated packaging

with the recovery of Shandong white wine industry, the demand for beautifully printed packaged wine boxes has expanded. Most of the wine boxes in the market have changed from white boards and white cards of different grades to e-tile cardboard. The expansion of Tsingtao beer and the production of Hong Kong China Resources in Liaocheng brewery in Luxi have provided a broad market for b-corrugated boxes to improve the comprehensive properties of polypropylene materials. The national ban on packaging and sales of bundled beer has also promoted the development of micro corrugated packaging. In the competition with heat shrinkable film, micro corrugated packaging will gain more market share with the advantage of more environmental protection. The printing fineness of alcohol packaging will be a severe test for the majority of carton manufacturers. It is believed that more flexographic preprint and gravure preprint enterprises will be born soon

fruit juice drinks

Jiaodong areas such as Yimeng mountain area and Yantai are famous for their rich fruits. Shandong's deep processing of fruits, especially the fruit juice industry, accounts for almost half of the country, and there is a great demand for micro corrugated packaging

new development trend of Shandong carton industry

changes in paperboard equipment

the number of e-type corrugated continues to expand, and some BC corrugated boards and ab corrugated boards will even be replaced. In addition, some professional micro corrugated packaging enterprises will appear, which generally serve oneortwo major customers in a targeted manner, forming a relatively stable chain. The leap forward reform and development of printing equipment, the establishment of preprint factories and the increase of three-level factories for processing incoming materials

the semi-automatic manual paper printing machine will be replaced by the automatic three color and six color high-speed printing machine. The specialized division of labor of micro corrugated packaging is more obvious, and the preprint factories that undertake gravure printing of paper rolls, film flexible (2) automobile, motorcycle industry, shock absorber and other enterprises will gradually grow

horizontal exchange of talents and technology in flexo printing and gravure printing

the market trend has been obvious, and the industry is also in the process of adjustment and development. The development of micro corrugated packaging in Shandong has its own advantages. At present, the rapid development of Rizhao Senbo, Yanzhou sun paper, Chenming paper, Quanlin paper and Yinhe Paper can provide sufficient raw materials for the production of micro corrugated packaging in Shandong. Coupled with the improvement of papermaking technology, the development of high-quality Coated Whiteboard and vermicelli whiteboard has been completed, forming the unique advantages of developing micro corrugated packaging in Shandong

source: China Packaging News

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