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Shandong Bohui group held a special training on "carbon peak and carbon neutralization"

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core tip: global warming has led to increasing climate risks, and climate change is a global problem facing mankind, The environmental protection department of Shandong Bohui group recently held a special training on the theme of "double carbon policy and carbon emission management" in the conference room of the fire building

Zhou Jianbo and Su Nan, the project leaders of China Carbon Energy Investment Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., were invited as lecturers in this training. At the same time, more than 20 people participated in the training, including an shuangqun, the director of Shandong Tianyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd., the heads of all workshops of the power plant, the finance department, the accounting department, the cultural and publicity department, the formalities handling department, and the environmental protection department

the theme introduced by teacher Zhou Jianbo is "carbon peak, carbon neutralization, carbon market construction background and situation analysis". Carbon peak refers to China's commitment that the total carbon dioxide emissions will not increase before 2030, and will gradually decrease after reaching the peak. Carbon neutralization means that the CO2 emissions caused by human activities and the global anthropogenic CO2 absorption reach a balance within a certain period of time, and the emitted CO2 is offset by afforestation, energy conservation and emission reduction, so as to achieve "zero emission" of CO2. The goal of carbon peak and carbon neutralization will advance the peak of national carbon emissions to the "14th five year plan" period. CO2 emissions will enter the peak platform period after 2025, and the peak emissions will be controlled within 10.5 billion tons. In 2050, it will drop to about 1.2 billion tCO2, basically achieving zero net CO2 emissions

the Ministry of ecological environment, the national energy administration, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other ministries and commissions have intensively announced the implementation of the goals of "carbon peak and carbon neutralization". The carbon peak action plan is the key task of all provinces in 2021. The peak action is included in the central ecological and environmental protection inspector, emphasizing the goal system, holding local governments and principals who fail to meet the goals accountable, and accelerating the construction of the national carbon market

carbon market is to promote emission reduction targets by market means, reduce the average emission reduction cost of society, and promote enterprises to choose between their own emission reduction and carbon trading. The purpose of carbon trading is to control the total amount of greenhouse gases by market means. The construction of the national carbon market is a major institutional innovation that uses the market mechanism to control and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote the continuation of green and low-carbon, and optimize production processes is a good way to deal with and solve problems. The 14th five year plan proposes to comprehensively implement the emission permit system and promote the market-oriented trading of emission rights, energy rights, water rights and carbon emission rights. The carbon market will play a more important fundamental role in the low-carbon development of the power industry

finally, through the analysis of typical cases of carbon emission compliance, a low-carbon solution for emission control enterprises is proposed. With the basic goal of coping with the carbon market and the assistance of information services and smart carbon management platform, research and formulate the strategic objectives, key tasks, implementation paths and safeguard measures for the low-carbon transformation and development of emission control enterprises, and determine the technical path, action plan and road map for carbon peak and carbon neutralization of emission control enterprises

after a ten minute break, teacher Su Nan interpreted the accounting methods and reporting guidelines for greenhouse gas emissions of enterprises, power generation facilities, mainly including the determination of accounting boundaries and emission sources, the accounting of fossil fuel combustion emissions, the accounting of purchased power emissions, the accounting of production data, etc. Teacher Su Nan also explained the implementation plan for the total amount setting and allocation of national carbon emission trading quotas in (power generation industry). First, he explained the implementation plan, the list of enterprises, and the data filling requirements. Next, he explained the criteria for inclusion in the quota management unit, "It should be said that the European and American markets are relatively mature consumer markets. Finally, the details that some enterprises in the policy should pay special attention to were interpreted, and it was proposed that loctite adhesive can be processed as a single 1-component system. In the next step, the environmental protection department will continue to follow up and do a good job in carbon emission data management, transaction management, performance management, and will also actively participate in the carbon emission verification in 2020

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