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Shanda printing invested in the construction of a new factory and the expansion of the largest commercial printing base. Release date: Source: paper guide future

Yongcheng Shanda Printing Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanda printing) is currently the largest commercial printing base in China and the largest large-scale printing enterprise with the most perfect online and offline integrated operation in China. Nowadays, Shanda printing is well-known in the industry. From the million output value at the beginning of its establishment to becoming the largest commercial printing base in the Central Plains, Shanda printing has created a printing legend in 20 years

in the second half of this year, Shanda printing has been making a comprehensive layout for large-scale development, and in the last month of 2020, Shanda printing announced a series of new actions

On December 11, cuiwenfeng, chairman of Shanda printing, visited the headquarters of Gansu reader publishing group, met and communicated with liuyongsheng, chairman of reader publishing, and reached an agreement on strategic cooperation. The signing ceremony was held. It was determined to jointly invest and build a new plant in Tianshui, a famous historical and cultural city. It is estimated that the land area of the new plant is about 200 mu. The strong will unite and cultivate the west to achieve win-win cooperation

at the Symposium on cooperation through the efforts of all parties, Shanda printing and reader Publishing Group conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on plant construction, management planning and personnel arrangement. Shanda printing will fully invest its own advantages and work together with reader publishing group to play an active role in the development of printing industry in Northwest China and the construction of cultural industry in Gansu

it is understood that after the new Tianshui cooperative factory is put into operation, Shanda printing business will deeply radiate Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Xinjiang and other northwest regions. At that time, the distribution timeliness will be greatly improved, which will further promote the large-scale development of Shanda printing

Yongcheng phase II investment and construction

second step of large-scale development

in 2018, the Yongcheng printing base of Shanda printing was put into operation, and the "standardization of scale" began to take shape. In order to focus on long-term development, Shanda printing officially opened the curtain of printing base 3.0 and comprehensively launched the construction of phase II Industrial Park

it is reported that Shanda printing phase II Industrial Park is close to the phase I printing base, covering an area of 150 mu, with an estimated investment of 1 billion yuan. It will focus on serving upstream industries, raw materials and consumables suppliers, implement one-stop printing services, provide them with perfect storage facilities, free accommodation, catering and office space, and promote in-depth cooperation and exchanges

in the second phase plant planning, Shanda printing has upgraded from special machine printing to special line products (one workshop around one category), with hardware first, quality leading, supporting functions international, and creating a world-class intelligent printing industrial park. Shanda printing hopes to build a comprehensive printing industrial park, so as to achieve economic and social benefits. "This has become another new trend in the titanium dioxide industry after horizontal integration, with a double harvest"

in addition, Shanda printing pays more and more attention to the business model of business partners, carries out operation training for business partners, and is responsible for store decoration and image management. The phase II base will intensify efforts to recruit product partners, provide them with venues, and fully handle relevant procedures, such as environmental protection, production licensing, taxation and other matters. Product partners only need to "carry their bags and check in". Shanda printing is responsible for market development, business sources and product logistics distribution, and the product partners only need to do a good job of the product wholeheartedly. In this way, Shanda printing hopes to form complementary advantages, create an ecosystem of printing industry clusters, and promote the high-quality development of the printing industry

three strong combination

the third step of large-scale development

Shanda printing is guided by the first phase of Yongcheng plant, intelligently driven, and the construction of the second phase printing base of Yongcheng plant is also kicked off. Then, through the Tianshui cooperation new plant, the radiation area is expanded, and the perfect integration of printing and industry exchanges is strengthened. In addition, it is connected with the Chengdu plant in series to provide comprehensive printing services. Shanda printing will meet the market development and customer needs at multiple levels through the combination of three strong brands (Yongcheng, Tianshui and Chengdu)

this year is the 20th anniversary of the founding of Shanda printing. There is no luxurious anniversary celebration, but all energy and financial resources are invested in the reconstruction of the plant, production and operation, and improving the quality and timeliness. With the scale effect becoming increasingly prominent, the efficiency and cost of Shanda printing will be further improved, and the printing legend of Shanda printing will continue...

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